Frequently Asked Questions:

Are you a satellite company or a data company?

We are a data company.  Data companies draw conclusions from information and sensor networks to create valuable products.  At OMS, our data comes from a proprietary sensor network deployed on our satellites, so that makes us a satellite company too.  We are interested in building and launching satellites because it is the most economical and targeted way to get the data that our customers need.  We are data company that uses satellites.

What OMS products will be available in the next 3-5 years?

The sky is not the limit here.  Our first products will concentrate on awareness for the agricultural and transportation industries.  

Farmers are very interested in knowing if some condition in the atmosphere will make it necessary for them to change something that they’re doing.  For example, after a planting a crop, did the temperature drop too low during a critical phase in plant development?  If so, the farmer may need to replant. Our spatial and temporal resolution advantage means that the farmer can concentrate on replanting what needs to be replanted, and not the entire farm.  

The transportation industry is interested because, for example, shipping routes are affected by small-scale atmospheric conditions that cause them to have to deviate significantly from the most efficient course.  Knowing what they can know with our technology they will be able to control the economic impact of these deviations.

In most cases, the products we supply will be custom-built to meet specs defined by our customer's unique challenges. 

How big is the market?

Wherever there is food, there is a farm that produced that food.  Atmospheric conditions can affect food prices in very significant ways.  These conditions are not limited to violent storms and floods, but a lot of the time they are small-scale temperature and moisture events that can only be exposed using the high temporal and spatial resolution sensing that we use.  When it comes to agricultural risk management, the technology and information we provide is sorely needed.  

How is OMS different from other options currently available on the market?

Current weather data providers do not produce data at a resolution high enough to expose some of the forces that are most impactful for the agricultural industry. Available offerings do not give the farmer or the risk manager the information they need fast enough to allow them to take mitigating action. Instead, they are forced to wait until harvest to find out that the crop has been spoiled by the weather.  Crop-spoiling events mostly occur when nobody is looking.  We want to change that.

What special expertise does the OMS team have in this arena?

Our team is diverse, and we work well together.  We have proven, world-class industrial and academic talent in electrical engineering, radiometry, data engineering, computer science, space systems engineering, data sales, aerospace management, supply chain management, and finance.  We are confident that this team has all of the ingredients to deliver what we say we will deliver.