International Centre for Earth Data

First of its kind cloud-based, commercial marketplace for analysis ready Earth observation data

Orbital Micro Systems has built the International Centre for Earth Data (ICED). The platform is the world’s first market-sustainable commercial platform for the integration and dissemination of Earth Observation data. ICED’s innovative and flexible cloud based design enables the integration of both government and commercial data sets to meet the near-real time needs of businesses and industry. ICED is poised to become the premier platform where data providers, analytic companies, industry and the public at large meet in order to access, analyze, distribute and utilize remotely sensed data in 21st century.

Through ICED, users will have access to an unsurpassed level of reliable, timely and streamlined information on the Earth’s physical, chemical and biological systems. For the first time, organizations in aviation, maritime, agriculture, finance, energy, insurance and risk mitigation will be able to utilize the power of information in real-time of how weather and environmental factors impact their sector. Within ICED, data derived from innovative remote-sensing satellites and ground instrumentation are immediately available to all kinds of users, eliminating needless barriers to entry and enabling a framework for new application development and analysis.

ICED is a marketplace for Earth observation data. Until now, Earth data has been largely the domain of governments. Despite being available free of charge, existing data catalogs require data producers to give up ownership of their valuable products, can be complicated to navigate, and require different processing from each catalogue they access. This is unsustainable! 80% of Earth observation assets will be in private hands in the next 5 years. The market is in desperate need of a way for data producers to own their data and sell it to those who are using it as close to the source and as efficiently as possible.